project 1 : the non-stop exhibition

the never ending exhibition is born from a collaboration with fellow artist leo and the polds. 
it is constituted of various aborted projects that we advertise as if they had been finished properly. 

we get inspired by modern relation to time, modern relation to fear, modern relation to the other, modern absurdity.

exhibition # 1 : we must eradicate the Islamic State ! 

inspired by the massacre of july 2016, perpetuated by a franco tunisian guy who smashed and killed 84 people in Nice with a 18 tons refrigerated truck he had rented a few kilometers away from the city.

after the event, president hollande said he would intensify the bombings in syria and irak against I.E

...which sounds like a very logical decision, especially for people watching bfmtv for more than a hour in a raw.

Leo talks to us about himself


Bony talks to us about herself

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