N.U.D.E (creative collective)

Naked Utopian Demons & Eves is a group of kids sharing same ideals creativity and free expression. It's a creative collective born in Cape Town in early 2016 and destined to accompany the Great Liberation of our minds and spirit in the following years of global change. It's an ode to Freedom and Beauty.

We organise exhibitions and events folowing 3 themes : for 2016 ->
1. Naked
2. Utopian
3. Demons (Masculine Energy)
3. Eves (Feminine Energy)

These events showcase anyone willing to exhibit his art.
Photo, writing, slam, music, drawing, perfomances...
From 6 to 9 : exhibition time : people are able to pledge money on the artwork of their choice.
From 9 to 2 am, time for party : accoustic music and DJS.
In general, the nipple is welcome to be free, but it IS NOT MANDATORY !
People must first do what they feel confortable about, and if it is wearing clothes, there's nothing wrong about it !

To us, being naked means freeing ourselves from the hyper-sexualisation of the body that is predominant in our societies. Why would a naked body always have to be sexual ?
It is also a way to get rid from the first limit to our spontaneity that is operated by wearing clothes. When we wear clothes, we wear masks.

You can only live naked.
Living with clothes is not living.
Living is not wearing masks.
Living is, and can only be being who you are.
And who you are is NAKED.
If you say you are 'living' then you must be at the level of what you say.
Living is more than just pretending to live.
Most of us 'organize our lives' not understanding that life doesn't need our understanding nor our will to 'be part of' to be.
Life is our intuition of it and the only way of living it is not calculating it.
Living is in the instant.
If it's not, then it cannot be called 'life'. It can only be called 'programmation'.
Nakedly yours,
N.U.D.E collective

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